Thank God for College Football

Well if you haven’t noticed college football is back and in full stride. I don’t know about you but a piece of me has been missing without being able to watch my favorite college teams take the stage every weekend. Also this season has been nothing short of magnificent and has only made me realize how much I was missing with out it. It’s only week three and we have already seen some of the biggest teams take the field against one another. Opening week the defending Champs in Alabama took the field against a hungry USC team to kick the season off. Speculations were circulating around Alabama and how well they would play with almost an entirely new offensive line, but they didn’t disappoint, and quickly put the boys at USC in place. Other than a great opening drive the USC offensive was ineffective against the Alabama defense. I’m sure this was a blow to the ego of the USC hopefuls, but they still have a lot of games to play this season. However they stacked their schedule heavy at the beginning of the year and faced another tough opponent yesterday, their pac 12 rival Stanford. Stanford the defending Pac 12 champs have another hopeful season ahead of them with the unstoppable #5, Christian McCaffrey. Stanford took an early lead, and controlled the game effectively all the way to the end. The Pac 12 had another big game yesterday with the Oregon ducks taking on the Nebraska Huskers. Oregon picked as the favorite, were not able to outshine the running game of the Huskers and lost 32 -35. It’s been tough for the Pac 12 so far this season, but we will see how they shape up for the rest of the season.

The most anticipated game this weekend was #2 Florida taking on #10 Louisville. This was the first top ten match up we have seen this year, and it was quite the spectacle. The Louisville Cardinals led by their ridiculously talented quarterback Lamar Jackson out scored Florida 63-20. Florida State could not shut down the run game, passing, nor the sheer speed of Jackson. Louisville has officially made their playoff bid, and now we will see if they can hold it.

Other notable games: 

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