Let’s Talk About Kaepernick….

Let’s talk about the silence surrounding Colin Kaepernick’s free agency!  It seems that while most of the top NFL players have been swooped up and signed left and right, merely 72 hours after the free agency started, the former 49er Quarterback has yet to receive any offers. If he has it has been silently behind closed doors with virtually no leaks to any media sources. Kaepernick who has been possibly the most talked about NFL player in all of 2016 now seems to be the only top NFL player that no one seems to want to talk to.  While he did lead the 49ers to the Super Bowl he is probably better known for his controversial choice to not stand during the National Anthem.  However while many players followed his lead and kneeled as well, those players don’t seem to have any repercussions with being chosen for well known teams.  Perhaps maybe there is some lack of interest on coaches parts due to his stance or rather lack thereof against the National Anthem, maybe more has to do with his on field presence.  We know that he was once the hot pick of the NFL and that he was also thought to be maybe one of  the next up and coming greatest professional football players out there. Times seem to have changed though in his lack of energy out on the field and have shown through making him the 30th among NFL passers.  Quite a fall from the top rankings he once held.


 Is there anyone showing any interest in him?   It is rumored that the Broncos were in talks about possibly drafting him, but nothing has seem to come to fruition in last updates regarding the free agency picks.  We also know that the Texans, Browns and the Jets are all looking for possible Quarterbacks but again nothing has come to the media’s attention that any of those teams are even possibly interested.  So now we wait to see the fate of this once celebrated NFL player.  Who was once the first choice or coveted player for many teams.  Can he build himself back up to the star status he once held? Or are we holding our breath to see if he can even make it to the training camp for teams like the Texans!?  Only time will tell.