Grand Slam Blooper


We all can appreciate sports, the highlights of the games played, stats, and the combadiere that goes along with them.  However it is always great to get a good laugh in when it comes to sports and the bloopers that sometimes happen.  I thought I’d start this week out with some good old fashion laughs and a great story too.

Last weekend I was visiting a college buddy and his family in Dallas, Texas.  Being that it we are almost in official baseball season we thought it would be fun to take his two sons to a spring training game.  John, my college buddy, has an older son who is 13 and a younger son who is 9.  The 9 year old Alex was beyond excited to go to this game.  He loved everything about it and was just ecstatic about the whole experience.  I ended up buying him a glove and baseball just because of his genuine excitement for the game and because I could tell we had a new sports junkie in the making.  Alex was determined to become a professional baseball player he told as as we were leaving the field.  When we got back to John’s house he wanted to go right in the yard and play some baseball.  John who wanted to show off in front of his sons and perhaps get the older one Tom more in the game took the bat and proceeded to give a quick lesson on how to really hit a baseball.  Well that he did! The ball went sailing through the air crashing into the upstairs window of his neighbors house shattering it!! Both boys and myself stared in awe and disbelief as we watched the glass explode.  John on the other hand was morbidly embarrassed not only because of the neighbors but also so much for his big talk!  

The neighbors were pretty cool about the situation and just asked that it was fixed and soon.  Thankfully John had a friend at that could come out immediately to fix the mess.  While he stewed about the issue and kept apologizing to his neighbors his boys and I couldn’t help but laugh. It was a funny ending to a great day.  We also had to commend John on his stellar batting skills and told him that he might get offered a professional baseball contract someday

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