NFL Preseason 2017

Football is back and for many Americans life can finally go on. The wait is over and the pre season has not disappointed. With week 3 right around the corner, many teams might see some of their seasons starters play at full throttle and get a taste of what this season has in store.

So what’s gone on so far…

Well here is a look at the schedule and some upcoming games in week 3 & 4.


So far the season has been as expected with coaches testing out some new recruits and getting teammates comfortable on the field together. Over all it looks like everyone is excited to get out on the field and knock some helmets.

It wouldn’t be the presason without some dissapointing injuries.

Odell Beckham Jr. involved in scary hit and courted off the field.

Additonally, the Browns gave us something to talk about with a large group of its players taking a knee during the national anthem, similar to Colin Kaepernick.

But not to derail from the actual game, here is a recap of what went down in week 2.

Eagles 20, Bills 16
Ravens 31, Dolphins 7
Buccaneers 12, Jaguars 8
Seahawks 20, Vikings 13
Titans 34, Panthers 27
Chiefs 30,  Bengals 12
Cowboys 24, Colts 19
Lions 16, Jets 6
Packers 21, Redskins 17
Texans 27, Patriots 23
Broncos 33, 49ers 14
Rams 24, Raiders 21
Bears 24, Cardinals 23
Steelers 17, Falcons 13
Saints 13, Chargers 7