Pools In Stadiums

So I want to talk about something we find a little preposterous here at No-Wave, and that is swimming pools in stadiums. What sort of true fan would want to sit in a pool while trying to watch the game, the answer, someone that is not truly a fan. Like you know, we are opposed to anything that takes away from the focus of the actual game (like the wave), for heaven sakes every game counts and were not there to play, were there to win. Recently I saw in our local paper that the company who helped remodel the pool for the Arizona Diamond Backs, is in negotiation with 5 other stadiums throughout the country for new pool constructions in their stadiums. You can check out the company at poolremodelphoenix.org, and maybe if enough of us email or call them and ask them not to do it they’ll listen, but chances are they won’t. I’m sure there is a lot of money involved for them, and I’m sure the pool brings in some solid cash for the stadium. I know the cost of renting out the pool in Phoenix is in the high thousands. Who has that kind of money to spend on one game? Probably people who are not really watching the game and probably in business negotiations while at a game. I’ll stop being a hater, but I just would love to see the stadiums filled with true fans, and not a bunch of people just their for the popcorn and 7th inning stretch.

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