Conor Mcgregor


We are going start big and not bore you with foreplay. The biggest and most pertinent topic we can possibly talk about when it comes to mind set is visualization. Literally seeing victory before you ever step on the field. This may even extend beyond the intention of¬†and tap far reaching concepts that extend well beyond sports. There are many of us who hold overwhelming power inside of us but never harness that power and properly employ it in our lives. Often because we simply don’t focus and visualize how we are going to release this power in the world. Sometimes it scares us to visualize our success to the level we know is necessary to achieve the level of success we desire. However those who garnish the courage to release this power into the world effectively through visualization understand the success that awaits them on the other side of their fears…unparalleled success.

Nobody knows this truth more than Connor McGregor the UFC all star. Despite what many think of his vocalized confidence he holds something within him that has helped him achieve greatness. Mcgregor often discusses how he visualizes his success before he ever steps into the octagon. Envisioning the exchange of punches and him standing victories for all the fans. He understands that persevering through the fear and doubt is where he finds all his dreams waiting for him.