Game 7 (Making History)

Well the Cleveland Cavaliers certainly made a comeback from their initial 3-1 deficit and made all the non believers think twice before they criticized the capabilities of Lebron James. Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers made history in more than one way last night, giving the Cavs their first Championship, giving Cleveland one of its only professional sport titles in more than half a century, and being the first team in NBA history to win after a 3-1 deficit in the NBA finals. Not to mentions the Cavs defeated the Golden State Warriors at home in the most winning stadium in the league against the current NBA champions. Nike is going to be able to make one hell of a commercial about Lebron James and the Cavs. Oh wait…they already did.

This will certainly go down in history and be considered one of the greatest championships of all time and really be a testament to the comeback.


No doubt Lebron checked one of the biggest to do’s off his list when he brought a championship back to his home town after leaving and winning two championships with the Miami Heat. I’m sure this will not be Lebron’s last championship, but it may always be his sweetest. He cried long and hard after the buzzer came to an end and everything settled in. Lebron promised his home town the championship, and that is exactly what he delivered. James also took home the MVP to no surprise with his outstanding performance, leading both teams throughout the series in rebounds, points, assists, and blocks. He is a once in a generation player and there is something to be said for how he brought the last team in the league to a championship the first year back, and an NBA championship the second year back. There have been few if any players who could go back and forth between teams and still find themselves in the championship consecutively. Most great players stayed with one franchise and didn’t have the opportunity to do it, but I don’t know if any of them could have done it like Lebron.

Lets not forget that Lebron was accompanied by some talent with J.R. Smith, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin Love all playing well. Kyrie in particular offered a clutch performance with his three pointer at the end of game 7 and his outstanding drives to the basket. For being 24 years old Kyrie Irving has shown an immense amount of patience and maturity that will certainly aid the Cavs in making it back to the Finals. Kevin Love played well but is certainly facing some criticism for not making use of his size and being aggressive with the ball. However that was some pretty high stress basketball and I can’t blame him for being afraid to shoot, but I guess nobody remembers the guys who were too scarred to shoot.

If you followed my last post, you will be upset to discover that my friend pulled out of the bet last minute and did not follow through with a year worth of free carpet cleaning. I think he knew I was going to take massive advantage of his offer, which he was right, but I don’t think someone should make a bet they can’t live up to.¬†Instead he offered to pay $100 bucks and do my carpets once, which I guess works. God knows I’m going to give him hell while he is doing my carpets with my whole Cavaliers get up on.

Congrats to the Cavs, and thank god for sports, I don’t know what I would do without them!

Party on Cleveland.