Get Your Game Right

Man it feels good to have college football back in full swing. It feels like a piece of me was missing during the off season, and is now replaced making me whole again. Sorry to be dramatic, but seriously. I take game season seriously, especially when my team (Arizona State) is having a good season. ASU is technically having a building year, with their freshman receiver and new starting quarterback, but with a win over Cal last week, that means this can be a big season for Sun Devil fans.

This week is even bigger with ASU taking on the USC trojans. If ASU is able to pull a win over on the Trojans then it is game on for the Sun Devils, and we can realistically talk about a potential Pac 12 Championship appearance. So as any real fan should, I’m having a massive screening of the game in my backyard, projector screen and all. Shout out to who is supplying the equipment for the event, and to everyone who is going to make it out this Saturday because it’s about to go down. I’m expecting over 200 people to be there, and hopefully more, because we need all the support we can get for our Sun Devils.

Trojans are on a huge loosing spree this season, after taking on last years national champions in the season opener. Since then they have also lost to Stanford and Utah making them 1-3 on the season. This is a historical low point for USC so you can imagine they are going to be looking to smear ASU. Arizona State on the other hand is looking to maintain their winning streak this season and leave the Southern California area with a 5-0 record.

This will be huge momentum for ASU and can help solidify them as a contender in the Pac 12 division. So anyone who is an ASU fan get your forks up, and get your game right this Saturday, kick off is at 6:00pm.

In other news. There is a Big Ten matchup that will definitely affect who makes it to this years Playoffs. (8) Wisconsin takes on (4) Michigan in a show of dominance and strength. Michigan has been explosive and resilient since getting Jim Harbaugh as there coach a couple years back. They have an intensity that we have not seen from them in over 5 years, and it will be great to see them take on Wisconsin who is also having a great season with a big win over Michigan State last week.

The Pac 12 also has two top 10 teams facing off this Friday with (7) Stanford playing (10) Washington. Stanford has had an exceptional season thus far and looks like they can contend with the best in the nation, and are paving their road towards the rose bowl. However no one can over-look the fight that is in Washington this year. They have become an extremely aggressive team this year and are quickly becoming a contenders for the pac 12 championship game. This game will certainly determine how the standings fall into place for all of the Pac 12 teams, as will the ASU and USC game :).

There is also a huge ACC matchup this week with (3) Louisville taking on (5) Clemson. Louisville is making a huge name for themselves this season with their big win over Florida St, and the high flying skills of their quarterback Lamar Jackson. Clemson who made an appearance in last years Finals, is looking to make it back to the Finals again this year, but Louisville might stop those dreams dead in there tracks.

Well another great weekend of college coming up so don’t miss out. And if any of these teams mean anything to you then get your game right. As cheesy at it may sound, these games only happen once in a lifetime between these specific teams with these specific players. Make the most of it and make it a game you will never forget. Furthermore, let your team know you care, and if you are not out tailgating at the game, make sure you are having an event somewhere, and commemorating the the hard work these teams put in every week.

If you are an ASU fan, I want to see some of you going all out and making Saturday’s game an event in Arizona.

Forks UP!