How Safe Is Football…

Head Injuries!  This topic is perhaps one of the most talked about things in all of sports over the last couple of years.  With movies being made depicting what head injuries can do to football players, new scientific research being done and brought to life, the one question a lot of people are asking is, Whats is going to happen to the sport?  

We all know that football takes the lead when it comes to most beloved sport.  It is America’s sport of choice. And while basketball is popular as well, it holds no water against football.  With new scientific research finding that a 10 year football career will undoubtedly lead to the deterioration of brain function causing multiple horrifying side effects, as well as massive trauma to the brain, there is no doubt that there will be enormous effects on the sport.  Staring from who will actually still pursue a football career as well as what will happen to the players that do and the liability clause in their contracts?  After all this is only the beginning of the long road to investigating and really finding out the traumatic effects this game can have on the brain.  With many experts locked in controversy and indecision as to agree on just what dangers the players face when signing up to endure the rough contact they are prone to.  As well as the research being conducted we have the cases where players committed suicide leaving notes saying that they didn’t think right and that they were always in pain.  The loved ones of those deceased players want answers and to better understand this darkness that consumed the person they loved and cared about.

Already parents are thinking twice about letting their children play the sport in the community leagues as well as in school sports.  With the decline already being seen in the younger years doesn’t that go to show that the football stars that may have been bred are now headed down a different road player a safer sport with less contact?  What will be the fate of all football in general?  Will Basketball finally take the lead in the most watched sport in America?  Only time will tell as well as the research conducted and the findings in this research.

For now one thing is for certain, we need to find some answers and in the process of doing so protect those playing this sport as much as possible.  While we all love to watch a good football game and we enjoy the competitiveness of the game and the thrill of watching our favorite team win, the people out on the field deserve to live long healthy lives.  They have families and children and the pleasure in this game should not overrule the safety and health of these individuals.