Game 7 (Making History)

Well the Cleveland Cavaliers certainly made a comeback from their initial 3-1 deficit and made all the non believers think twice before they criticized the capabilities of Lebron James. Lebron and the Cleveland Cavaliers made history in more than one way last night, giving the Cavs their first Championship, giving Cleveland one of its only professional sport titles in more than half a century, and being the first team in NBA history to win after a 3-1 deficit in the NBA finals. Not to mentions the Cavs defeated the Golden State Warriors at home in the most winning stadium in the league against the current NBA champions. Nike is going to be able to make one hell of a commercial about Lebron James and the Cavs. Oh wait…they already did.

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Game 4…Cavs Feeling The Love?

Game 4 of the NBA finals was a disappointment for the Cavs who had just come off the 30 point win in Game 3. Kevin Love who sat out of Game 2 with a concussion, came back to start for the Cavs in Game 4 and add to the line up. However the strength was not enough to slow the persistence of the Golden State Warriors. The Cavs who held the lead for much of the game lost the lead in the fourth quarter to a 12-1 Golden State run. By that point the Cavs had fallen to a 10 point deficit that they could not recover from with only 2:30 left on the clock. Game 5 tonight is back to California where Lebron and the Cavs need to win two games to bring it back to Cleveland for game 7. It’s a long way to go for the Cavs, especially against a team like the Warriors, but there is certainly hope. For those who like to bet on games, there are huge winning potential if you put your money on the Cavs. I have a bet going with a friend who owns a carpet cleaning company in Mesa Arizona, and we have a bet going that if the Cavs Win he has to give me free carpet cleaning for a year. If the Golden State Warriors win I’m only paying him $100 bucks because the odds are so stacked now in favor of Golden State. I figure I can risk a $100 dollars for the opportunity to get free carpet cleaning for a year, my house is literally all carpet lol. I’m not sure if he is taking on anymore bets, but if you know someone who is a better you can win big by putting your money on the Cavs. 

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NBA Finals Game 3 (120-90)

Don’t Sleep On The Cavs

After the defeating loss of game 2, Lebron and the rest of the team pulled themselves from the 33 point loss in California and gave their home crowd a hell of a show. Lebron supported heavily by the rest of his team stopped Golden State dead in their tracks and gave them a taste of their own medicine. Defensively, the Cavaliers shut Golden State down, they did not allow for any of the open shots they allowed in Game 2 and effectively wrote Curry out of the game early on. Starting off quickly, and at Lebron’s tempo, the Cavaliers got in an early lead and created a 20 point gap by the end of the first quarter. The Warriors closed that gap to 8 at one point in the second quarter, but could not match the pace and execution of the Cavaliers. The Cavs created that early lead and never quite looked back. Irving who struggled in Game 2 showed up big in Game 3 with 30 points, keeping pace with Lebron’s 32 points and 11 rebounds. The Cavs J.R. Smith also played a big role, making 5 three-pointers. The team didn’t seem to miss Kevin Love who was sitting out with a concussion from Game 2, especially with Lebron taking his power forward position and speeding up their tempo.

The momentum that Golden State had generated seems all but lost in Cleveland. The hometown crowd shut them down quickly and gave fuel to their hopeful Cavaliers. There is no writing Golden State out of the series though with their impressive blowouts at home and their remarkable comeback from OKC. There is still a lot of game to play in the series and it’s certainly not going to be one team walking home with the trophy. Whoever will take the trophy home will have to claw and scratch their way to victory.


Can Golden State Sweep? (2-0) After Game 2

If you are following the 2016 NBA finals then you are probably starting to think the same thing as us. Can Golden State sweep the Cavs? The Golden State Warriors who were down 3-1 to Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder came back with three wins to make it to the NBA finals and haven’t looked back since. With Game 2’s 110-77 Win over Lebron James and the Cavaliers, the results of the 2016 NBA finals are certainly looking in favor of Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. This is not a deficit that typically deserves this kind of speculation and criticism, but there is no denying the overwhelming momentum Golden State seems to have, and the effortless nature of their ball play during these finals. Lebron on the other hand appears to be somewhat of a one man show and doesn’t have near the synergy of his California opponents. A lot weighs on Lebron’s shoulders, and I don’t mean just the entireCavaliers team, but all the negative press as well. The internet is being flooded with memes of Lebron getting punked by Curry, but fact of the matter is Lebron is punking the entire league. He is setting records by being one of only a few players in NBA history to ever make it to the finals 6 years in a row. As heart breaking as it is for Lebron that he’s only capitalized and gone home with the ring twice, it’s unfair to not notice his remarkable ability to fight his way to the finals regardless of the circumstance. If you look at records Lebron has a better record of making it the finals than Micheal Jordan. Although his 2-4 finals records is not as pristine as Jordan’s 6-0, there something to say for his ability to consistently get his team to the finals.

Despite our down right respect for Lebron, the fact of the matter is that defeat is definitely looming for the Ohio native. The sheer speed and dynamics of the Golden State Warriors has many people suggesting they are one of the best teams to ever play the game. And unfortunately for Lebron, basketball is a team sport and demands some support by those teammates of his. We are not trying to predict a Golden State Warrior victory, but we are simply speculating on the facts thus far. The Cavs have a long way to go, but I think it would be stupid to write them off so easily. Game 3 of the NBA finals is Wednesday June 8th and the Cavaliers will have home court, so hopefully they can create a better outcome.

Bring it Home Lebron!

Pools In Stadiums

So I want to talk about something we find a little preposterous here at No-Wave, and that is swimming pools in stadiums. What sort of true fan would want to sit in a pool while trying to watch the game, the answer, someone that is not truly a fan. Like you know, we are opposed to anything that takes away from the focus of the actual game (like the wave), for heaven sakes every game counts and were not there to play, were there to win. Recently I saw in our local paper that the company who helped remodel the pool for the Arizona Diamond Backs, is in negotiation with 5 other stadiums throughout the country for new pool constructions in their stadiums. You can check out the company at, and maybe if enough of us email or call them and ask them not to do it they’ll listen, but chances are they won’t. I’m sure there is a lot of money involved for them, and I’m sure the pool brings in some solid cash for the stadium. I know the cost of renting out the pool in Phoenix is in the high thousands. Who has that kind of money to spend on one game? Probably people who are not really watching the game and probably in business negotiations while at a game. I’ll stop being a hater, but I just would love to see the stadiums filled with true fans, and not a bunch of people just their for the popcorn and 7th inning stretch.

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Conor Mcgregor vs Mayweather

In recent news, promoters have been talking about the potential boxing fight between Floyd Mayweather and Conor Mcgregor. This would be a boxing match so not the typical UFC fight that Connor Mcgregor is used to. Like we have discussed in a previous post, Connor Mcgregor has unbelievable confidence and self assurance in his abilities, and a vision to succeed. However he would be in an entirely different arena and restricted from utilizing some of his strengths he normally uses in the octagon. No leg kicks, no take downs, and no submissions. Where as Mayweather would be entirely in his element and be able to expose Mcgregor’s boxing capabilities, or lack of. Regardless of the results, the turn out would be HUGE! There would fans and naysayers voicing their opinions all over the air, and throughout the internet. The amount of money involved in something like this would be enormous, and for that reason we might actually see something like this come to fruition.

Check out Joe Rogan speak his piece on the event, and dish out his predictions.

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Joe Rogan

Big Shout out Joe Rogan.

Joe has become an icon in the martial arts arena and most well know for role as a commentator for the UFC. Joe is in close circles with highly successful and motivated people like Connor McGregor and other UFC champions. More than that however Joe is a master of inspiring the masses. Through his podcast series Joe brings massive value to his listeners and routinely talks about motivation topics that inspire others to achieve their best. As a black belt in jiu jitsu and a successful business man, Joe knows what it takes to achieve your biggest dreams. Beyond simply motivational jargon, Joe roots his advice in tangible practices of mindfulness, good eating habits, and regular exercise. What makes Joe different from the typical motivational speaker is Joe’s commitment to what he says, and his attachment to everything that comes out his mouth. He comes out almost harsh on occasion because of the accountability he expects of others, and the little room he leaves for bullshit. He has a very anarchist and unique approach to ever subject he discusses, and he gives his god honest truth, which many admire. I think anyone can benefit from tuning into Joe and listening to how dedicated he is to being alive. He shows up ever day with intention to what he is going to accomplish and practical ways of of gauging his success. He also does well in reflecting on his actions and observing where there is room to grow. He embodies conscious living and harnesses this conscious living to accomplish great things.

Beyond everything Joe has some massive balls and has put himself out there in vulnerable situations where he has a lot to lose, but has faired beautifully from his courage and willingness to persevere. I believe anyone can gain substantially from tuning into Joes podcast and immersing yourself in his view of reality. We all have different perspectives of reality and define life differently, but there seems to be a correlation between how we all define success, and that is usually defined as giving it your best. The funny thing is that you are the only person who really knows if you gave it your best, so you are the only one who can truly judge yourself. In sports there a lot of haters to tune out, and a lot of criticism you will have to endure. For those however that know there mission and what they are working towards they know it’s all hot air and deserves no attention.

Know thyself and know what you want out life, then go get it!

Conor Mcgregor


We are going start big and not bore you with foreplay. The biggest and most pertinent topic we can possibly talk about when it comes to mind set is visualization. Literally seeing victory before you ever step on the field. This may even extend beyond the intention of and tap far reaching concepts that extend well beyond sports. There are many of us who hold overwhelming power inside of us but never harness that power and properly employ it in our lives. Often because we simply don’t focus and visualize how we are going to release this power in the world. Sometimes it scares us to visualize our success to the level we know is necessary to achieve the level of success we desire. However those who garnish the courage to release this power into the world effectively through visualization understand the success that awaits them on the other side of their fears…unparalleled success.

Nobody knows this truth more than Connor McGregor the UFC all star. Despite what many think of his vocalized confidence he holds something within him that has helped him achieve greatness. Mcgregor often discusses how he visualizes his success before he ever steps into the octagon. Envisioning the exchange of punches and him standing victories for all the fans. He understands that persevering through the fear and doubt is where he finds all his dreams waiting for him.

Welcome To The Big Leagues

No-Wave is where fans come to immerse themselves in the juice that inspires athletes to perform at the level the highest levels. It’s a place that identifies the key factors that make top athletes as successful as they are. It’s the mind set, drive, ambition and all other motivators that go into making these superstars take their art to the highest level. We are not identifying the food they eat or there work out program necessarily but more their mindset. As most of you are familiar, everything starts in the mind, and if you don’t have the capacity to win in your mind. You wont have the ability to win on the field. Please no distractions with the mascots or the wave, this is a place for dedicated fans who really want to understand the art of self mastery.