Spring Training Is Here!

It is the beginning of baseball season as we know it.  With the Chicago Cubs winning the series last year after 107 years, I think it is safe to say that baseball has an added enthusiasm to it this year!  I’m getting ahead of myself though because spring training has only really just begun.  Living here in Phoenix, Arizona we have a whole different appreciation for spring training and it’s games.  Home to the Diamondbacks, the Cubs training facility and the Angels as well many of us enjoy multiple spring training events.  After all it is our little window of beautiful weather we can enjoy after making it through winter and before we scorch outside in the 120+ degree heat here known as summer!

The great thing about Spring training games is that practically anyone can enjoy them.  Take the whole family, go with friends whomever you choose.  One thing is for certain though you will have a day filled with sunshine and a great time.

This year a friend of mine that happens to be a coach for the Diamondbacks asked me if I knew anyone that could create signs for his training facility.  The company his team had been using for many years finally closed it’s doors and went into retirement.  He needed someone that could fill the last sign company’s shoes and fill them good.  They needed a huge sign pasted on one of the stadiums exterior walls!  I racked my brain for a few minutes and realized I knew some of the best sign guys in the industry!  Colorado Signs out of Denver had been in business for awhile and were a specialty sign company!  They even wrapped transit systems like the Light Rail trains!!

My friend Don the coach was beyond happy to hear about these guys.  What is usually left to his marketing department kind of fell on his shoulders because they were fresh out of ideas.

Don contacted Colorado Signs and immediately got the sign he desired in the works.  He was also so happy and thankful for my recommendation that he sent me 6 tickets to their next spring training game and gave us one of the premier sky boxes.  My love for sports about tripled when I realized that I was going to have the most awesome time with my fellow guests.  Give me a sky box, cold beer and some baseball and I was ready!!! Heck I’d be ready with out the sky box, but it definitely was much appreciated. Upon arriving to the stadium we saw the new D-Backs sign that Colorado signs formulated and applied to the exterior stadium wall.  It was absolutely amazing!  I don’t think I even realized how big the sign was going to be.  We stared in awe for a bit and finally reached our amazing seats to enjoy some baseball!  I don’t care if it is just spring training and the official season hasn’t started yet, give me a sporting event or game and I am one happy camper.  Give me good seats and I am in heaven!!

There is nothing like beautiful weather and a game to make my day, what ever day of the week it might be! Sports are life!